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Reenvisioning what you own 

Using what you own, we will organize your toys, separate them by areas of play, and donate any unused toys that day. We will then reorganize your room so that each toy is part of an area of play and has its place. 

This will be personalized to your family based on the developmental stages of your children as well as what they enjoy playing with. 

Pricing varies based on individual consultations



The Basic Update


new and improved storage systems 

This service includes our Basic Update, but with an added perk: finding the perfect storage and organization for your space.


This will be a three step process.


Step 1: The Basic Update followed by assessing a plan for what type of organization your room needs.


Step 2: We'll send you two options of storage plans to choose from based on your preferred budget.

Step 3: Installation and final organization!


Each step will take place on separate days.

Pricing varies based on individual consultations and storage needs



A seasonal refresh!

More visits from us! The first time we come, we will give your playroom The Basic or Premium Update. We will then return to your home each season (three additional times) to refresh your Update and switch around any toys/areas of play based on your growing family's needs. This is a great option if you love a seasonal refresh and have kids of many ages who are continuously developing and expanding their interests!



Pricing varies based on individual consultations


Step 1: The Submission Form

Click the "Book Now" button to fill out our questionnaire. We will then get back to you by your preferred method of contact within 3 business days to set up a consultation meeting.


Step 2: The Consultation Meeting

We visit your home or Facetime to talk through your ideal vision for your playroom. Based on what we discuss, we'll be able to provide an estimate price and begin the process! 


Step 3: The Update!

We come to your home to update your playroom!

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