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Kindergarten Classroom

The Playroom

Where Education Meets Interior Design


A child's first educational environment is wherever they play. Through play, children are developing foundational lifelong skills: communication, problem-solving, creativity, fine and gross motor skills, collaboration, and much more. A warm, purposeful and curated playroom can play an essential role in nurturing a child's growth.

We are Lily and Emma, sisters from a family of four girls. Growing up, we loved the endless amount of opportunities when it came to our playroom. It was never the same room because it grew and changed as we did. We both grew up to be educators, and in retrospect, that playroom was as essential to our growth as our school experience was. 


Our mission is to create a space in your home where your child can explore and play with a purpose, just like they do in their classroom! Dramatic Play, S.T.E.M., Reading, Creative Arts, Sensory Play, Movement, Group Games are all areas of play that we will integrate into your playroom. Drawing from our backgrounds in education, we will design your playroom to either be a jumpstart to the school experience for little ones or an exciting extension for older children!


We will work with your family to make sure the room is developmentally appropriate and organized based on your children's interests, as well as aesthetically pleasing to fit the design and decor of your home. After doing so, you'll start to see that the systems we create are easy to maintain for the entire family. We offer a one-time update or a seasonal update that keeps evolving with your family. 

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